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Protect your employees and business and take action against the rising cost of worker's compensation claims— with Via Christi Back to Action. This outstanding and innovative program specializes in workplace injury prevention through post-job offer physical agility tests, return-to-work functional capacity testing, and work therapy for the injured worker, including work hardening and work conditioning.

Our team of licensed physical therapists will work with you to help meet your company's unique needs for training, consulting and direct care. We specialize in:

  • Worksite ergonomic assessments performed by a licensed therapist from Via Christi Back to Action and including detailed suggestions for improvements to the workplace
  • Job site analysis using the JTECH software system to determine physical requirements essential to each job
  • Post job-offer screenings that allow employers to match prospective employees with the most appropriate job, based on safety and physical demands
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) using the ERGOS Work Simulator to assess the physical capabilities of injured workers and help physicians and employers determine if employees can safely return to work or need alternative job placement.
  • Work therapy, post-injury screening and treatment programs that help injured employees increase their strength and endurance while retraining them in the proper mechanics required to safely perform their job when they return to full or partial duty

Onsite workshops led by the Via Christi Back to Action team to teach proper worksite setups, body mechanics and lifting postures and stretches appropriate for each job site




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