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Physical Therapy


Whether you are recovering from surgery or a fall, dealing with diabetes, stroke, sports-related injures or multiple other conditions, the Physical Therapy Department at Wamego Health Center will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve long-term results and prevent injuries in the future.

Why physical therapy?
Physical therapists are trained to evaluate, diagnose, treat and prevent a variety of diagnoses that cause pain, decrease mobility and limit the body's ability to function in daily life.

What conditions can physical therapists treat?
Arthritis, back and neck pain, tendonitis, balance disorders, and stroke are just a few diagnoses that can be treated.  Physical therapists can also provide treatment following surgery, such as rotator cuff repair and joint replacement.

Some of the services provided by the Wamego Health Center Physical Therapy Department include:
• therapeutic exercise
• balance and coordination training
• joint mobilization
• core stabilization
• Jobst custom garment fitting
• postural education
• electrical stimulation
• iontophoresis
• therapeutic ultrasound
• phonophoresis



                                                                                          DeAnn Campbell, P.T.A.