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Surgical Services


At Wamego Health Center Surgical Services, our primary focus is to provide area residents of all ages with first-class health care through outpatient procedures.  The surgeries performed at Wamego Health Center are done by visiting physicians from Topeka and Manhattan along with our skilled team of professionals.

Procedures Performed at Wamego Health Center

• Adnoid Removal (Adenoidectomy)
• Bone Marrow Biopsy
• Breast Biopsy
• Cataract Extraction
• Cardiac Stress Test
• Colonoscopy
• Correction of deviated septum (Septoplasty)

• Correction of "tongue-tie" (Frenuloplasty)

• Ear tubes
• Epidural steriod injections/Spinal Epidural
• Gallbladder removal (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy)
• Hemorrhoids (Banding or Removal)
• Hernia repair
• Tonsilectomy
• Upper Endoscopy