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First Wamego Hospital at 1010 West Sixth St. Genn Hospital located at the corner of Sixth and Spruce

1915:     Dr. Simonton opened a hospital in his newly remodeled home at 1010 West Sixth
1919:     Mr. Genn made a proposition to the city that he would give $10,000 to build a new hospital in Wamego
1921:     Genn Hospital was completed at a cost of $25,000 
1960:     Plans were made for a modern hospital
1969:     In May, WCH was opened for service
1987:     An outpatient clinic was attached to the hospital along with a lower level
2000:     Relocation and expansion of the Emergency Room
2001:     A metal building was constructed on the west side of the hospital
2006:     A new kitchen and dining room was completed 
2008:     Construction was completed on the new patient rooms 

The Best Small Town Hospital in Kansas

Wamego Health Center, formerly Wamego City Hospital, first opened in 1915 at the remodeled home of Dr. Simonton at 1010 West Sixth Street. Dr. Simonton's home served as the hospital for the next six years. In 1919, J.T. Genn made a proposition to the city that he would give $10,000 for a new hospital in Wamego if the city would raise a like sum and donate the real estate.

In 1921, the Genn Hospital located at Sixth and Spruce was completed at a cost of $25,000 with $11,000 being raised by a committee of three individuals; O.B. Larson, C.E.C. Simpson and K.D. Boyle. The committee worked for months raising the money. Over 600 different persons from Wabaunsee and Pottawatomie Counties gave sums from 40 cents to as much as $500 to raise the required amount.

In January, 1925, the Genn Hospital was deeded to the Board of Trustees of the hospital and the management and control was vested in them. The Board consisted of five members, appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council.

The property is in the name of the City of Wamego and the City will contribute a sum each year to the maintenance and operating funds, as occasion requires. The Genn Hospital belongs to both Wabaunsee and Pottawatomie Counties as the hospital was centrally located for both of the counties due to the donated monies  built and equiped the hospital.

All physicians were made to feel that the Genn Hospital was their hospital. Doctors from other towns were also made equally welcome with their patieints. Surgeons and specialists from the larger cities like to come to the Genn hospital because they consider the condition more favorable for the progress of their patients.

New plans were made to build a larger, more modern hospital in 1960. In May 1969, Wamego City Hospital was dedicated and opened for service to the community. There were 26 beds, four bassinets, and about 60 employees.

In 1987, an outpatient clinic with twelve exam rooms was attached to the hospital and a lower level for future expansion. During the years to follow the lower level was converted to Physicial Therapy and fitness center. In 2004 the fitness center was condensed and renovations were made to accomidate the Heritage Health Program for Senior Adults. Ther Heritage Health Program now consist of four office spaces, group room, lobby, kitchenette and two restrooms.

During the 2000 the relocation and expansion of the Emergency Room took place. The ER was relocated to the north east corner of the complex and house a two bed ER, two ER recovery rooms with observation room and new admissions work area. A new ER drive, hellicopter landing pad and walkway were also a part of the expansion.

In 2001, a new metal building was constructed adjacent to the west side of the hospital that would become home to the laundry facilities, materials management and Pottawatomie County EMS garages and sleep quarters.

In 2006 construction began on the new kitchen and dining room now located at the south end of the complex. The new kitchen and dining room were opened in July of 2007. With the old kitchen and dining room vacated this made room for the four new semi private patient rooms all of which now have a restroom and shower in each room. Further renovations took place as the semi private rooms were completed and available for use. The old patient rooms down the north hallway were now ready to take on their new apprerance. Each room was renovated and modified to a private room with each room having its own restroom complete with shower. Along with upgrading and adding patient rooms, the nurses station was renovated also and the new patient call system was installed.  The final project was completed during the fall of 2008.