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Vee Gordon was born in Blackwell Oklahoma. As a child she came to Wichita often as her grandfather owned a farm just outside the city limits.

Vee was widowed after 43 years of marriage. She remarried 10 years later to her second husband. She has two sons, the oldest was a principle of a High School and the youngest is a retired attorney.

Vee has always had a strong desire to fly as a child and on her 16th birthday she obtained her pilot’s license. She is still current today at the age of 95. She has owned three airplanes and states “that she is always happiest when she is up in the sky in an airplane”. 

When she was younger she was always giving decorating advice to her family and friends and decided that she ought to get paid for that advice so she stated Pilar Designs and was an interior decorator for many years.

Vee still loves to travel to this day as she owns a house in Mexico and travels there 2 to 3 times a year. She is amazed at how much air travel has changed over the years and wishes that she could still fly herself. 

When asked why she chose VCV on Broadmoor she states “I liked the friendly hometown atmosphere when you first walk in.”

Vee Gordon 


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