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What is the goal of Care At Home?  Care At Home is a lifetime program for eligible individuals. The program is designed to enable Members to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible, hopefully for a lifetime. However, if a Member can no longer live safely at home, Care At Home will pay for 75 percent of the base rate of an adult care facility.

Who determines which services a member receives and when?  Initially a Member will be well and healthy and will likely not need services. But as people age and their health and wellness change, their needs will change as well. Each Member will have a Clinical Care Coordinator, who will design a customized written care plan to meet the Member's needs.  Services will be provided when a member needs assistance completing Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and or Activities of Daily Living.

What are instrumental activities of daily living? Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are everyday functions, such as shopping, driving, food preparation and light housekeeping.

What are activities of daily living?  Activities of Daily Living are even more basic functions that adults usually perform without help. These include: dressing, bathing, eating and using the toilet. 

What services might a written care plan include?  Examples of services that may be included are light housekeeping, medication management, Home Technology, meal preparation, laundry, transportation to medical appointments, assistance with grooming and bathing and in-home nursing care. Services could be temporary when an accident or illness occurs or they may be permanent due to a decline in the Member's health and wellness.

Does Care At Home replace my need to consult a physician for medical care?  No, Care At Home does not provide acute, urgent or emergency medical care in your home. We will assist you in collaboration with your physician to coordinate and or provide long term services that support your physicians advise.

What happens if I need a nurse to care for me in my home?  You will need to consult your physician prior to any nurse caring for you in your home.  A physician will need to provide written care orders that authorize a nurse to provide care to you in your home.

What is the difference between acute, urgent or emergency medical care and long term care?  Acute medical care occurs when a individual is treated for a brief but severe episode of illness,  an accident or other trauma, or during recovery from surgery.  Acute care is usually provided by a physician or individual supervised by a physician.  Long term care typically occurs for  the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health or minimizing the effects of illness and disability for an individual.  Long term care is typically provided by homemakers, home health aids and at times, nurses.

What is the difference in attendant services and skilled services?  Attendant services include such task as meal preparation and bathing and are provided by individuals such as homemakers and home health aids.  Skilled  services are task such as wound dressing or medication administration and are provided by individuals such as registered nurses.

Is care at home an insurance product?
No, Care At Home is a Membership  program in which an individual pre-pays for future Via Christi in home and long term care services.  By doing so, a Member wishes to benefit from  expert care coordination, clinical quality and the reduced  health care cost that the program provides. 

What is Home Technology?
Home Technology is a variety of sensors that enables a Member to remain safe and secure at home. This benefit is included in our Comprehensive and Partner Memberships. Examples of the sensors include motion detectors, fall sensors, and medication machines to name a few. The Clinical Care Coordinator will determine what Home Technology will be in each Member's written care plan based on his or her needs. 

Will Medicare or other health insurance pay for the program?  No. Care At Home is a private pay program. Membership and monthly fees are individualized based on age. 

What is the Care At Home service area?   Care At Home serves the area within a 30 mile radius of Wichita.

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