Wayne and Rachel Jones

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When Rachel Jones left the hospital after weeks in intensive care, she was fragile, weak and in need of multitudes of prescription medications.

"It cost us $700 for one month of meds when she left the hospital," says her daughter, Ann Herman.

Realizing the care and expense were more than Ann, Rachel and Rachel's husband Wayne could manage, Ann began looking for help.

"I called HOPE and thank God they answered the call of multiple needs," Ann says. "They provided medical equipment, consent medical attention, meds and the positive emotional and physical support needed to bring her back to the active person she is today."

Ann notes Wayne had been there for Rachel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the stress was taking a toll on him as well. Within a year, she convinced him to enroll in the HOPE program.

"Within a year dad received a new pacemaker, received the new eyeglasses that he needed and has been able to see a dentist, which he also needed so badly," Ann explains. "But he will tell you that the new friends and social activity have been the best thing that HOPE has brought him."

Three years later, Rachel continues to sing the praises of HOPE and its staff.

"I was in a wheelchair when I came in. I couldn't climb steps. Now I can go up the front steps, and I can walk with a walker...and even use a cane at home. I had just come out of the hospital about a month before I came into the program and I was pretty much bed bound. They have just worked miracles with me really.

"Without HOPE I couldn't afford the doctors, I couldn't afford my medicines. I'd have to decide whether to eat or get my meds. With HOPE I get the medical care I need. Plus the activities and the atmosphere, it's just wonderful. Not having to run around to different doctors, having to run around to get your meds and everything, and having the transportation... it's just like having someone to take care of you. I'd recommend it to anyone. I don't know what I'd do without them. I'd hate to have to try."

Wayne has been in the program for a year.

"I like the way they come pick us up. They have good drivers, every one of them. They have wonderful doctors. The whole staff is wonderful, you can't beat them anywhere. If you need anything, they'll help you right quick-like."

"I have really enjoyed it...visiting with the other people and making new friends. I didn't realize it was so special, with the people that you meet and enjoy talking to. When I joined HOPE it was a whole new world to me."

For Ann, as the oldest child, the program has been a relief.

"This program has been a Godsend for all of us. There is no way that I, by myself, could get them the equipment they needed. There's no way, by myself, that I could ever get them to the dentist, to the eye doctor, to the foot doctor and be able to get them the equipment they needed. Their transportation is here and available. To have everything under one roof, in one convenient location, and having a team to work with... I couldn't have asked for anything better. Being able to have a team on your side that you can confer with, you don't have to do it by yourself. You don't have to feel like you're all alone.

"I cannot stop thanking God and all the people at HOPE for what they have done and are doing every week for my parents. They have improved our lives in so many ways." 

Rachel and Wayne Jones

Rachel and Wayne on their wedding day

Wayne Jones today

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