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Born on a farm seven miles south of Victoria, Perry Kippes was the third of six children.

After graduating from high school in Schoenchen, KS, Perry went to work with the fire department at the Walker Air Base. He next worked at the Ellis Rendering Co., then hauled gasoline for different companies. He also stepped into working the family farm when his father took ill. After his father died in 1966, Perry stayed on the farm to help his mother. His mother died in 1971.

Perry said at one time they had 14 cats, always had a dog or two and even some billy goats.

When he milked the cows the cats were always there for him to squirt milk at.

"The stupid things we pulled in the good ole days," Perry laughs.

One of Perry's favorite pastimes was driving around the countryside in his pickup checking out the land. Being a bachelor, he cooked a lot of vegetable soup. Using a slow cooker, he added chicken, a can of beer, onion and bay leaves. He liked to try out new recipes.

Perry is a 68-year member of the Knights of Columbus, 3rd Degree. He likes to attend the lenten dinners of fish, noodles and beans. Perry moved to St. John's of Victoria on Feb. 21, 2005. He enjoys reading books, magazines, and going over to town where he socializes and plays cards, or stops for coffee or a hamburger and a beer. Perry will find something at times to look up on the internet.

Perry says the best thing about St. John's are all the pretty girls!

"Perry is always funny, has a joke or two to tell," says Pam Wellbrock, activities director. "He loves to visit but is equally content sitting outside in the sunshine reading. Everybody here just loves him."


Perry Kippes



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