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Myrna Filion was born in Quezon City, Philippines. She grew up in a Chinese community with an adoptive family.

After completing high school, she completed a bachelor of science degree in management. In addition, she also attended classes to become a pharmaceutical assistant. She then applied for a civil service position which took her to Naples, Italy. She worked in an accounting position for four years. Myrna stated she had times when she had nothing to do, so she began volunteering for the American Red Cross. She was offered a chance to return to school and, since Myrna loves to learn, she returned to receive an education in nursing.

In 1983 Myrna came to the United States with her husband who a pilot in the Navy. He was stationed in Boston, Mass. where Myrna worked as a pharmaceutical assistant for nine months. A transfer to a new duty station took them to Milton, FL. In 1984 it was off to California. It was then that Myrna brought her family members to live in the United States. An aunt ran a home care business which provided employment for the family. Myrna was able to use her LPN license to care for 37 residents. She later moved to National City, CA to do private duty nursing for terminal residents in their homes. Myrna believes in learning all she can and has also obtained a license as a cosmetologist and, within the last few years, a degree in massage therapy.

She says she has always loved to sew and made her children's clothing as they were growing up. She also loves to crochet, dance, read, and perform karaoke. Her love for travel and has taken her to 32 states. Myrna has three children, two in California and a daughter in Manhattan. She says all of her children have careers in business accounting. She has seven grandchildren. Her daughter has a Yorkie that Myrna calls her grand puppy.

Myrna was in the Philippines looking for a nice place for retirement when she became ill. She was hospitalized for nine months before she was able to get back to the United States.

After coming to Manhattan with her daughter, she ate at a Chinese restaurant where her fortune cookie said, "You are in the right direction." Myrna feels she is where she needs to be.

At Via Christi Village in Manhattan, Myrna involves herself in most of the activities. She is very positive and has the goal to be a part of the workforce again.

She says, "Who knows, maybe I will work here."


Myrna Filion 



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