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Shortly after he turned 16, in early 1945, Wulf Doerry was drafted out of high school into the German armed forces. By the time the war ended in May, he was a prisoner of war under British occupation. He was fortunate to find his parents in the chaos of Germany, and was soon released to rejoin his family.

The only work he could find was on a farm, so he pursued that avenue for six years, then decided to leave Germany. The German-American Society of Omaha, Nebraska. sponsored a group of farm workers from Germany.  So in December of 1951, Wulf arrived in Omaha.

In August of 1952 he left farming for good and found a job with the Peterson Baking Co. A year later he was drafted into the U.S. Army, spending most of the next two years in Fort Lewis, Washington.

Just before his immigration to the United States, Wulf met Edith. All during his time in the service they corresponded, and in June 1955 all the paperwork was completed for Edith to come to the United States. 

In August she arrived in Omaha. Three weeks later, on August 27, 1955, they were married.  In June, Wulf finished his tour of duty and returned to Omaha.  He was able to regain his old job at Peterson Baking Company. 

In January of 1956, Wulf and Edith moved to Chicago, where Wulf attended the five-month course at the American Institute of Baking (AIB).  After completing the course, he started to work in the research Lab for Swift and Company. After 10 years he moved on to Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Kansas City, and finally in 1980 to Manhattan to work for the American Institute of Baking. 

While in Chicago, Wulf started to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology.  After 12 years of night classes, he graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in chemistry. 

Wulf and Edith have four children. Armin is an electrical engineer. Karen is a family physician.  Hilda has a master's in French literature.  Norbert is also an electrical engineer and served 26 years in the U.S. Navy. 

While working for AIB, Wulf traveled to many countries. Wulf, Edith, and their children visited Germany in 1963 and again in 1973 to visit grandparents and other relatives. Once the children were grown, Wulf and Edith made several other trips to Germany to visit family.  The family took many camping trips to the U.S. national parks. 

Wulf came to St Joseph in July and enjoys reminiscing, music activities and visiting with his wife.

 Wulf Doerry


Veterans Day with his wife


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