Virginia McAdam

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Virgina McAdam is a living success story. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2000 with a life expectancy of 18 months, Virginia is still a vibrant presence who has beaten the odds. 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Virginia had faced obstacles before. Her first husband died after only three years of marriage. She later remarried and they were blessed with three children, all of whom live in Wichita.

Virginia moved to Wichita in 1951 and worked at Boeing for 20 years. While Virginia was undergoing her chemotherapy, she was weak and getting weaker with tremendous weight loss after she stopped eating. Her doctor recommended skilled nursing and 24-hour nursing care. Virgina entered a nursing home. Once she started improving and eating on her own, her doctor recommended assisted living. Virgina moved to an assisted living community near her kids.

After two years in assisted living and bouncing back from her extensive rehab, Virginia received the news she had been praying for - her cancer was in remission. Virginia and her family were now talking about Virgina going back home or looking at other options that might benefit her throughout the rest of her life. Virginia's family told her it was her choice.

Knowing her health care needs could change in a heartbeat she decided it would be best to move to a community where she could receive help if needed but still maintain her independence. The family started looking at retirement communities in Wichita.

When they arrived at Georgetown Village, Virginia says she instantly fell in love with it as it was everything she wanted and more. On December 15, 2008, Virginia moved to Georgetown Village. Virginia said the determining factors in choosing Georgetown were the atmosphere and congenial employees who all work together. She liked the room sizes and the openness with skylights that produce natural light throughout the community.

Virgina says that moving to the Village has contributed to her mental well-being and positive outlook. Keeping busy is extremely important to Virgina; she volunteers in the library and assist with the safety tag program. Virginia attributes her positive attitude to her wonderful carefree life at Via Christi Village.

  Virginia McAdam 



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