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Glen Maughmer, a life-long outdoorsman and exercise enthusiast, was named the Mercy Fitness member of the month in 2009 when he was 95. At 97, he continues to exercise at the center three days a week, where his equipment of choice is the rowing machine. 

Born in Union Town, Missouri, Glen, his sister, Ernestine and their parents lived with the paternal grandparents near St. Joseph, Missouri, for a short time. Glen remembers working for his grandfather cutting stalks in the cornfield. 

Glen started high school with a horse for transportation, but soon bought a 1917 Model T for $10. After he wrapped it around a tree, he and a friend towed it home using the farm horses.

He learned to bulldog steers by practicing on his father's dairy cows. In addition to serving as president of his class in high school, Glen worked hauling water for the steam engine that ran the threshing machine. Other jobs included unloading cement for a road crew for $.35 an hour and cutting bluegrass for $.14 a bushel. 

His wife, Maurine, was one year behind him in school, and they were united in marriage January 23, 1935. They rented various farms but Glen says all they succeeded in raising were grasshoppers.

They sold everything they had for $147 and moved on. Glen took a refrigeration and air conditioning course while working in a gas station, where they sold gas for a penny a gallon. After completing the course he worked in the refrigeration and electrical field for the rest of his career.  

He attempted to join the military during World War II, but was not eligible because of the number of times he had broken his arm. His wife worked at Boeing. After that they headed for California and got as far as Denver, where he applied at the public works office. They referred him to Wyoming, where he got a job working for the utility company. 

Their son, Roger, was born in 1945. The family has now grown to include Glen's daughter-in-law, Barbara, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. After retiring, the Maughmers bought a truck and a fifth wheel and went to Texas every year. They also bought a cabin southwest of Laramie, Wyoming, which Glen still owns and visits. 

Glen started doing cross-stitch when his daughter-in-law needed help finishing several projects. He also enjoys doing latch-hook projects. He has a computer where he monitors the stock market and plays games to keep his mind active.

He also enjoys day trips with the Parks and Recreation Department. Glen moved to St. Joseph (now Via Christi Village in Manhattan) on April 24 of 2008. He chose the retirement community for the friendly people and because he had a friend he visited frequently. "I just love everything about the place!" he says. 

Glen Maughmer



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