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Erick Schulze has delighted audiences his entire life with his musical talent. Born one of twins sons in a family of 12 children, Erick and his twin Paul grew up on the farm. Erick stayed on the farm after his father's death when he was 18, farming for five years. 

When the war broke out, the Schulze brothers volunteered, but the military wouldn't take all the sons in one family. So Erick remained in southeast Kansas, worked for Keso's and later as a trailer driver for Fadler Produce Company. 

At the same time, Erick taught himself to play the accordion, learning to play with a key he had made so he could "liberate" the instrument when his brother had it locked up. 

He married Ethel Marie O'Dell and they had one daughter, Rose. In 1940, he married Nellie Anderson, and they were together for 29 years. On a salary of $90 a week, he bought a house on Washington Street, paying $12 for the house and an additional $400 in renovations. After he retired in 1975, he sold the house for $5,000 and married Wilma Thompson, moving to her house in the country. 

Erick is enjoying his home at Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, where he says he really likes the people. He is also enjoying some fame, as he was crowned the Little Balkans King in August of 2007 and delighted audiences with his musical talent during the talent show Oct. 11, 2007.

Erick Schulze



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