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Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg's Emergency Room is open around the clock to treat injuries ranging from minor to the most serious. Every year our emergency department sees about 15,000 patients. As the only emergency department in Southeast Kansas with 24 hour physician coverage, you can count on seeing a physician when you need it most. The ER staff cares for patients facing life-threatening situations every day and it's an honor to be trusted with the care of your family.

Inside, the department has two, two bed trauma bays, six private exam rooms and treatment rooms, including dedicated space for orthopedics, children, chest pain, women's health, behavioral medicine and eye, ear, nose and throat. Every room is connected to a centralized monitoring system, overseeing the vital signs of each patient. Upon entering our emergency department, patients are evaluated by a registered nurse and triaged according to the following classifications:

  • Emergent- Those who have life-threatening illness or injury
  • Urgent- Those who are in stable condition, but need help as soon as possible
  • Non-Urgent- Those who are in stable condition, requiring medical screening or minimal medical instruction.


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    Co-insurance due at time of service: Cash, Check & Credit Card accepted

    Staff: Physician & ARNPs  






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