Mercy Regional Health Center

Pottawatomie County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Pottawatomie County EMS is owned by Pottwatomie County and operated by Mercy Regional Health Center through a contractual agreement. Riley County EMS is licensed as a Type I paramedic ambulance service by the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services.

Maintaining four primary ambulances and two back-up ambulances that are stocked and set up for a variety of emergency situations, Pottawatomie County EMS has four stations, located in Wamego, Westmoreland, Onaga and St. Marys. The Wamego and Onaga stations are fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The St. Marys and Westmoreland stations are fully staffed six months a year and operate an Advanced Life Suport (ALS) First Defense Station the rest of the time. Pottawatomie County EMS serves approximately 1,600 patients each year.

The Wamego station is located at 406 Miller Dr., Suite F. The Westmoreland station is located at 312 Main. The St. Marys and Onaga stations are located at their respective community hospitals.