Mercy Regional Health Center


Safety is the number one guiding principle in the Mercy Regional Health Center Pharmacy. When you or someone you love must visit the hospital, you deserve the safest possible conditions. Mercy Pharmacy takes pride in doing our part to ensure your safety.

Our Promise
Our promise to our patients is the right drug to the right person at the right time. So we invest in technologies and practices that allow our nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to make good on this promise.

Our Practices

  • Automated dispensing technology.
    Our advanced automated medication-dispensing machine (AMDM) helps make certain that patients receive the right medications and the right dosages.
  • Nurse access to prescribed medication only.
    Once the pharmacist processes the physician's orders, the medication becomes immediately available to the nurse. When the nurse enters the name of a medication into the AMDM, a guiding light directs the nurse to the correct, closed medication bin, which the nurse then opens.
  • Reminders about medication.
    With some medications, it is useful to program important information into the AMDM system. These helpful reminders appear on the screen to assist the nurse and protect the patient.
  • Prescription confirmation with scanning technology.
    Mercy Regional employs scanning technology that decreases the risk of misreading physician medication orders. Once scanned, the physician order appears on the pharmacist's screen, and can be enhanced and enlarged. This step saves time and increases patient safety.
  • Electronic databases with information about each medication.
    Electronic databases enable the pharmacist to quickly investigate questions related to both the drug and the condition being treated.

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