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Client Service Representatives Hours: Monday - Friday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
St. Francis hospital 
(316) 268-5470
Harry hospital
(316) 689-5075.

General Information
Orders for Laboratory services are entered into the HIS.

Requisitions and Specimen Collection
A requisition will print at the nursing unit only if the test is ordered "Nursing Collect". (Any specimen that nursing collects should be labeled appropriately and accurately and accompanied by a requisition when transported to the lab.)

Containers for Timed Collections
Containers are stocked on the nursing unit, or obtained from Distribution.

Order Priorities

  • STAT indicates a medical emergency based on patient condition. A STAT order is to be acted on immediately. STAT priority can not be used for future orders, and there is no option to select date and time when placing the order. Results for most types of tests will be available within approximately one hour.
  • URGENT orders are processed by the lab as the next priority, after STAT orders. URGENT indicates the need for quick attention, but not a medical emergency. This priority can not be used for future orders and there is no option to select date and time when placing the order. Results for most types of tests will be available within approximately two hours.
  • TIMED orders are collected within 15 minutes of the date and time specified in the order. TIMED should be reserved for tests in which timing is critical, i.e. Peak or Trough therapeutic drugs, Cortisol, or other situations where sequential timing is critical.
  • ROUTINE orders are processed after STAT, URGENT and TIMED orders. If ordered ROUTINE for "Today" results for most types of tests will be available within four hours. If ordered ROUTINE for the future, results will be available for most types of tests by approximately 08:00 on the date of service.
  • EARLY AM orders are processed in the early morning of the date specified.
  • ADD ON priority should be used when the ordered test is to be done on a specimen that has already been collected.

Blood Bank
If a patient has Blood Bank work and also has other blood work to be drawn at the same time, please order together. This will prevent multiple venipunctures. It is very important that requests for STAT Blood Bank procedures (Type & Crossmatch, etc.) be called to the lab, especially on 3rd shift. The Blood Bank can be called at 268-5356 (SFC) or 689-5088 (SJC).

The following Blood Bank Products may be ordered on Medical Center patients (in addition to the Blood Bank Tests listed in the A-Z Test Listing.)

  1. Red Cells, Leukoreduced
  2. Whole Blood (by special order only)
  3. Plateletpheresis, Leukoreduced
  4. Fresh Frozen Plasma
  5. Cryoprecipitate
  6. Rh Immune Globulin
  7. Granulocytes (Special Order)
  8. Cryoglue
  9. Autologous/Donor Directed Products (Special Order)

All Blood Bank tests and products should be ordered in the computer as soon as the order is received from the physician. In some instances, the blood may have to be ordered and shipped from the American Red Cross.

Where to Call For Help
Lab Customer Service at 268-5470 (SFC) or 689-5075 (SJC) will assist with:

  1. Questions concerning which test to order.
  2. The status of an order.
  3. Test results that cannot be found in HIS or Mirror Image.

IT Help Desk at 261-8444 will assist with

  1. Printer problems.
  2. Problems with the HIS order entry system.

Downtime Requisitions
When the HIS system is down, a downtime requisition must be used. See the Information Systems Downtime in the General category of the Administrative Policy Manual for instructions.

Amendments or Cancellation of Tests
If a test must be cancelled after the specimen is collected and the results reported, complete a Hospital Event Report describing the situation, and send to the Lab.

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