Mercy Regional Health Center

Occupational Health

Save money and take care of your most valuable asset — your employees! Maintaining a healthy, safe and productive workforce is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business. Mercy Regional's Occupational Health team makes it simple for your company to provide expert, appropriate and timely treatment for your employees.

Our group of healthcare professionals from several disciplines has developed a portable, preventative corporate wellness program. Designed to parallel the Surgeon General's Healthy People 2020 Initiative, this innovative program offers tangible recommendations to help individuals avoid preventable diseases and improve their health and lifestyle.

Address all your occupational health and workers' compensation needs under one roof. Our comprehensive program will reduce your workload and contribute to the success of your business.

Why spend resources on corporate wellness?

  •  To educate employees about healthy habits that will improve their health and reduce sick leave.
  •  To lower company health insurance premiums by taking preventative measures to decrease claims.
  •  To reduce turnover rates by demonstrating an interest in employee well-being.

Mercy Regional's wellness philosophy is focused on achieving a return on your investment for each dollar spent on employee health. Studies have proven that healthy and fit employees are absent from work less often and are more productive.
Drug abuse and poorly managed or untreated conditions such as diabetes, obesity and depression reduce productivity and a company's success. Let our experienced case managers work with you to analyze each aspect of absenteeism and get your employees back to work.

We Want Your Business
Let us put our experience, knowledge and dedication to work for you. The result? Injury prevention, enhanced productivity, and an increased bottom line.

For more information about Mercy Regional Occupational Health services, contact us.