Mercy Regional Health Center

Mercy Auxiliary

The Mercy Regional Health Center Auxiliary is a true reflection of the Manhattan community. A wide-reaching group encompassing men and women of all ages and representing many area businesses, our members act as local ambassadors by promoting and supporting health care at Mercy Regional Health Center.

Auxiliary is defined as a reserve in case of a need. True to this definition, the Mercy Auxiliary has stepped up in support of Manhattan for years, fostering the hospital's goals and initiatives. The Mercy Auxiliary's mission is to serve Mercy Regional Health Center through health care scholarships, fundraisers and community health education opportunities.

Interested in participating? Joining the Mercy Auxiliary is a great way to play an active role in your community. 

Since the formation of Mercy Regional Health Center, the Mercy Auxiliary has raised more than $845,000 to support the hospital and its programs. These contributions have included four large gifts:

  • $100,000 pledge for the capital campaign in October 2000; completed in 2003.
  • $200,000 pledge for the cardiac initiative in August 2004; completed in 2007.
  • $505,000 gift for the Mary Linquist Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund
  •  $40,000 for the Mercy Auxiliary Expendible Fund to support equipment and program needs

To learn how you can contribute, read about the fundraising events that made these gifts possible.