Mercy Regional Health Center


Please keep the following insurance facts in mind when considering Mercy LIGHT:

  • Insurance coverage will vary. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company about paperwork you may need and whether your clinic visits will be covered.
  • Call your insurance provider and ask if Dr. Doubek, Dr. Gardner and Mercy Regional Health Center are listed as in-network providers.
  • Many insurance companies do not recognize obesity as a medical illness and do not cover anti-obesity services, anti-obesity medications or bariatric surgery. However, most insurance companies do recognize many of the health problems related to obesity and may cover services under these diagnoses.
  • If you have an HMO plan and are being referred by your primary care physician, you will need a referral form.
  • Not all insurance plans are accepted at Mercy Regional Health Center. Depending on your plan, Mercy LIGHT may be considered an out-of-network provider.