Mercy Regional Health Center

Fundraising Efforts

The Mercy Auxiliary hosts numerous fundraising efforts, with all proceeds benefiting Mercy Regional Health Center.

Gift Shop
The Mercy Auxiliary sponsors the Mercy Regional Gift Shop. For more information and hours, visit the Gift Shop

Pumpkin Patch
Each year, the Mercy Auxiliary hosts Pumpkin Patch, an arts and crafts fair that boasts participation from approximately 140 exhibitors. This Auxiliary-sponsored event has a 30-year history and is a local favorite. Held in Manhattan's CiCo Park, Pumpkin Patch draws vendors and consumers from all across the region.

Other Events
Among our other fundraising efforts, the Mercy Auxiliary assists the
Mercy Foundation with the annual A Dress the Heart Gala, and sponsors several fundraising events at the hospital throughout the year, including book sales, bake sales, and plant sales.