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Todd Schroeder, PharmD
PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director, Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Services

Current Residents

Meghan Haftman PharmD
Education: PharmD, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Interests: Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Care, Infectious Diseases/HIV
Research project: Characteristics of a 30-day readmission population using adverse drug event data




Katie Norton, PharmD
Education: PharmD, Creighton University
Interests: Ambulatory Care, Infectious Diseases, Oncology
Research project: Enoxaparin Prophylaxis in Trauma Patients





Michael Peters, PharmD
Education: PharmD, Samford University
Interests: Critical Care, Infectious Disease, Ambulatory Care
Research project: Aminocaproic acid versus no lysine analog: reducing blood transfusion in orthopedic knee and hip surgeries




Olivia Unruh, PharmD
Education: PharmD, University of Kansas
Interests: Critical care, Oncology
Research project: Pharmacy dosing service providers versus non-pharmacy providers in an acute care hospital: frequency of weight-based initial vancomycin doses


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