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Beginning last November, members of Via Christi 50+ who were admitted to the hospital and their caregivers received one more visitor — Tanya Merritt, coordinator for the program. Rounding — or a visit — from a 50+ representative is now a benefit of the program. During the initial visit, members receive a gift bag with practical items — lotion, hand sanitizer, pen, notepad, caregiver snack menu and even a word search.

“I use the visits as an opportunity to introduce myself and tell the 50+ member and caregiver about the membership benefits of Via Christi 50+,” she says. “What I do is more than making them comfortable. Really, I want to help them as much as I can when they are here and even when they go home.”

Pam Veatch, a member of 50+, was a caregiver to her father who had been hospitalized. During his stay and when he passed away, she said her family
appreciated the added support from 50+.

“I think 50+ is fabulous,” Pam says. “Tanya was extremely helpful to the entire Veatch family. It was gratifying to know that there was someone like her to help us in our hour of need. She helped us get the information that we needed during that difficult time.”

For Tanya, however, it’s important for her to see “her patients,” as she calls them, while they are in the hospital.

Since she began rounding on 50+ members, Tanya has seen up to 30 patients each month, and many receive multiple visits.

Along with member and caregiver hospital visits, 50+ offers other benefits, such as monthly Lunch & Learns and discounts to Via Christi restaurants and gift shops.

Via Christi 50+ is open to anyone age 50 or better. Individual memberships are just
$25 per year, or $40 per couple. Join the fun today!



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